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350187-001 HP Pavilion DV5000, ZE2000, ZV5000 and ZX5000 Series Laptop Keyboard

Price:  $32.99
Extended Protection Plan
  • Item - 350187-001 HP Pavilion DV5000, ZE2000, ZV5000 and ZX5000 Series Laptop Keyboard
  • Condition - New, 1 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured By - Compaq
  • Item Code - 350187-001
  • Ships same business day if ordered by 11:00AM (PST)
Compatible Part Numbers
Product Compatibility Information
This Laptop Keyboard is compatible with the following models:
    HP Pavilion:
  • DV3
    • DV3-2017
  • DV3-2017
    • ZE2000 CTO, ZE2000-PM341AV, ZE2000-PM342AV, ZE2000T, ZE2000T CTO, ZE2000T-PQ648AV, ze2000z, ZE2000Z CTO, ZE2000Z-PV336AV, ZE2000Z-PV337AV, ze2001ap, ZE2001AP-PS928PA, ze2001ea, ZE2001EA-PS723EA, ZE2001EA-PS733EA, ZE2001XX, ze2002ap, ZE2002AP-PT362PA, ze2002ea, ZE2002EA-PS728EA, ze2003ap, ZE2003AP-PT363PA, ze2004ap, ZE2004AP-PT369PA, ze2004us, ZE2004US-PX390UA, ze2005ap, ZE2005AP-PT519PA, ze2005ea, ZE2005EA-PW956EA, ZE2005US, ze2006ap, ZE2006AP-PT520PA, ze2007ap, ZE2007AP-PT521PA, ze2007ea, ZE2007EA-PS735EA, ze2008ap, ZE2008AP-PT522PA, ze2008wm, ZE2008WM-PX391UA, ze2009ap, ZE2009AP-PT523PA, ZE2010AP, ZE2010AP-PT532PA, ze2010br, ZE2010BR-PX285LA, ze2010ea, ZE2010EA-PS721EA, ZE2011AP, ZE2011AP-PT533PA, ze2012ap, ZE2012AP-PT539PA, ze2013ap, ZE2013AP-PT540PA, ze2014ap, ZE2014AP-PV278PA, ze2015ap, ZE2015AP-PV283PA, ze2015ea, ZE2015EA-PS722EA, ze2015us, ZE2015US-PX382UA, ze2016ap, ZE2016AP-PV284PA, ze2017ap, ZE2017AP-PV285PA, ZE2018AP, ZE2018AP-PV293PA, ze2019ap, ZE2019AP-PY858PA, ze2020ap, ZE2020AP-PY859PA, ze2020br, ZE2020BR-PX286LA, ZE2020CA, ZE2020CA-PX387UA, ze2020ea, ZE2020EA-PS737EA, ZE2020EA-PW955EA, ZE2021AP, ze2021ea, ZE2021EA-PW952EA, ZE2022AP, ze2022ea, ZE2022EA-PW949EA, ze2023ea, ZE2023EA-PW962EA, ze2024ea, ZE2024EA-PW947EA, ze2025ea, ZE2025EA-PS726EA, ZE2025EA-PS738EA, ze2026ea, ZE2026EA-PS724EA, ze2027ea, ZE2027EA-PS736EA, ze2028ea, ZE2028EA-PS727EA, ze2030br, ZE2030BR-PX287LA, ze2039ea, ZE2039EA-PS729EA, ze2040br, ZE2040BR-PX288LA, ze2040ea, ZE2040EA-PS720EA, ze2044ea, ZE2044EA-PW959EA, ZE2044EA-PW961EA, ze2045ea, ZE2045EA-PS734EA, ze2050ea, ZE2050EA-PW948EA, ze2055ea, ZE2055EA-PS730EA, ze2058ea, ZE2058EA-PW958EA, ze2060ea, ZE2060EA-PS725EA, ZE2060EA-PW963EA, ze2062ea, ZE2062EA-PW954EA, ZE2062EA-PW960EA, ze2064ea, ZE2064EA-PW953EA, ze2065ea, ZE2065EA-PW950EA, ze2068ea, ZE2068EA-PS732EA, ze2070ea, ZE2070EA-PS719EA, ZE2070EA-PS731EA, ze2090ea, ZE2090EA-PW951EA, ze2091ea, ZE2091EA-PW957EA, ZE2099XX, ZE2100, ze2101ea, ZE2101EA-EA971EA, ZE2102EA, ZE2103EA, ze2104ea, ZE2104EA-EA975EA, ze2105ea, ZE2105EA-EA963EA, ZE2106EA, ZE2107EA, ZE2108, ze2108ea, ZE2108EA-PW964EA, ze2108wm, ZE2108WM-EA390UA, ze2109ea, ZE2109EA-EA970EA, ZE2109EA-PW965EA, ZE2109US, ze2110ea, ZE2110EA-EA972EA, ZE2110US, ze2111ea, ZE2111EA-PW966EA, ze2112ea, ZE2112EA-EA965EA, ZE2113, ze2113ea, ZE2113EA-EA973EA, ze2113us, ZE2113US-EC196UA, ze2114ea, ZE2114EA-EA964EA, ze2114us, ZE2114US-EC199UA, ZE2115EA, ze2115us, ZE2115US-EC194UA, ZE2116EA, ze2117ea, ZE2117EA-EA976EA, ze2117us, ZE2117US-EC197UA, ZE2119EA, ze2120ca, ZE2120CA -EC234UA, ze2125ea, ZE2125EA-EA967EA, ze2128ea, ZE2128EA-EA962EA, ze2129ea, ZE2129EA-EA974EA, ze2130ea, ZE2130EA-EA960EA, ZE2139EA, ze2140ea, ZE2140EA-EA968EA, ZE2145EA, ze2150ea, ZE2150EA-EA961EA, ze2151ea, ZE2151EA-EA969EA, ZE2155EA, ZE2160EA, ze2200, ZE2200 CTO, ZE2200T-EA444AV, ZE2200T-PS848AV, ZE2200Z-PV815AV, ze2201ap, ZE2201AP-ED112PA, ZE2201AP-EE473PA, ZE2201EA, ZE2201XX, ze2202ap, ZE2202AP-ED156PA, ZE2202AP-EE474PA, ze2202ea, ZE2202XX, ze2203ap, ZE2203AP-ED157PA, ZE2203AP-EE475PA, ZE2203EA, ze2204ap, ZE2204AP-ED158PA, ZE2204AU, ze2204ea, ZE2204EA-EF146EA, ZE2205AP, ZE2205AU, ze2205ea, ZE2205EA-EF135EA, ze2206ap, ZE2206AP-ED160PA, ZE2206AU, ze2206ea, ZE2206EA-EF142EA, ze2207ap, ZE2207AP-ED161PA, ZE2207AU, ze2208ap, ZE2208AP-ED162PA, ZE2208AU, ze2209ap, ZE2209AP-EE486PA, ZE2209AU, ZE2209XX, ze2210ap, ZE2210AP-EE487PA, ZE2210AU, ZE2210BR, ze2211ap, ZE2211AP-EE488PA, ZE2211AU, ze2212ap, ZE2212AP-EE558PA, ZE2213TU, ZE2214TU, ze2215ea, ZE2215EA-EF134EA, ZE2215EA-EF137EA, ZE2215TU, ze2216ea, ZE2216EA-EF140EA, ZE2216TU, ZE2217TU, ZE2218TU, ZE2220BR, ZE2220EA, ze2220la, ZE2220LA-EF124LA, ze2221ea, ZE2221EA-EF141EA, ZE2223EA, ze2225ea, ZE2225EA-EF131EA, ZE2227EA, ZE2228EA, ZE2229EA, ze2240ea, ZE2240EA-EF133EA, ze2241ea, ZE2241EA-EF138EA, ze2242ea, ZE2242EA-EF132EA, ZE2242EA-EF145EA, ZE2245EA, ze2247ea, ZE2247EA-EF144EA, ze2250ea, ZE2250EA-EF057EA, ze2251ea, ZE2251EA-EF061EA, ze2260ea, ZE2260EA-EF058EA, ze2262ea, ZE2262EA-EF062EA, ze2265ea, ZE2265EA-EF060EA, ZE2274EA, ze2275ea, ZE2275EA-EF136EA, ZE2276EA, ze2281ea, ZE2281EA-EB238EA, ZE2284EA, ze2285ea, ZE2285EA-EF059EA, ZE2287EA, ZE2288EA, ZE2290EA, ZE2296XX, ZE2297XX, ZE2298XX, ZE2299XX, ZE2300, ZE2301EA, ZE2302EA, ZE2308EA, ZE2308WM, ZE2308WM-EC205UA, ZE2309EA, ZE2309NR, ZE2310EA, ZE2311EA, ZE2312EA, ZE2313EA, ZE2315, ze2315us, ZE2315US-EC201UA, ZE2320LA, ZE2343EA, ZE2344EA, ZE2345EA, ZE2346EA, ZE2347EA, ZE2348EA, ZE2349EA, ZE2354EA, ZE2355EA, ze2356ea, ZE2357EA, ZE2358EA, ZE2366EA, ZE236EA, ZE2370EA, ZE2371EA, ZE2372EA, ZE2397EA, ZE2398EA, ZE2401, ZE2401EA, ZE2401XT, ZE2405EA, ZE2409EA, ZE2410BR, ZE2410EA, ZE2415EA, ZE2420BR, ZE2420LA, ZE2430BR, ZE2500 CTO, ZE2501AU, ZE2502AU, ZE2503AU, ZE2504AU, ZE2505AU, ZE2506AU, ZE2507AU, ZE2508AU
  • DV5000
    • DV5000, DV5000 CTO, DV5000EA, DV5000t, DV5000T CTO, DV5000z, DV5001XX, DV5002EA, DV5003CL, DV5003EA, DV5005EA, DV5006EA, DV5007EA, DV5008EA, DV5009EA, DV5010EA, DV5011EA, DV5012EA, DV5016EA, DV5017CL, DV5017EA, DV5018EA, DV5020, DV5020CA, DV5020US, DV5021EA, DV5022EA, DV5023EA, DV5024EA, DV5026EA, DV5027EA, DV5029US, DV5030, dv5030us, DV5031EA, DV5033EA, DV5034EA, DV5035, DV5035EA, DV5035NR, DV5036EA, DV5037EA, dv5040us, DV5041EA, DV5046EA, DV5047EA, DV5050EA, DV5051EA, DV5052EA, DV5053EA, DV5054EA, DV5055EA, DV5056EA, DV5057EA, DV5058EA, DV5059EA, DV5061EA, DV5062EA, DV5063EA, DV5074EA, DV5075EA, DV5077EA, DV5078EA, DV5084EA, DV5088XX, DV5091EA, DV5092EA, DV5093EA, DV5094EA, DV5095EA, DV5096EA, DV5097EA, DV5098EA, DV5099EA, DV5099XX, DV5100 CTO, DV5101TX, DV5102EU, DV5102TX, DV5103EU, DV5103TX, DV5104EU, DV5104TX, DV5105EU, DV5105TX, DV5106EU, DV5106TX, DV5107EU, DV5107TX, DV5108EU, DV5108TX, DV5109EU, DV5109TX, DV5110CA, DV5110EU, DV5110TX, DV5110US, DV5111EU, DV5111TU, DV5111TX, DV5112EU, DV5112TX, DV5113EU, DV5113TX, DV5114EU, DV5114TX, DV5115EU, DV5115NR, DV5115TX, DV5116EU, DV5116NR, DV5116TX, DV5117CA, DV5117CL, DV5117EU, DV5117TX, DV5118EU, DV5118TX, DV5119EU, DV5119TX, DV5120EA, dv5120eu, DV5120LA, DV5120TX, DV5120US, DV5121EA, DV5121EU, DV5121TX, DV5122EA, DV5122TX, DV5123CL, DV5123EA, DV5123TX, DV5124EU, DV5124TX, DV5125EU, DV5125TX, DV5126EA, DV5126TX, DV5127EA, DV5127EU, DV5127TX, DV5128EA, DV5128EU, DV5128TX, DV5129EU, DV5129TX, DV5129US, dv512us, DV5130CA, DV5130EA, DV5130EU, DV5130TX, dv5130us, DV5131EU, DV5131TX, DV5132EU, DV5132TX, DV5133EA, DV5133EU, DV5134EA, DV5134EU, DV5135EU, DV5135NR, DV5136EU, DV5137EA, DV5137EU, DV5138EU, DV5139US, DV5140CA, DV5140EA, DV5140EU, dv5140us, DV5142EA, DV5142EU, DV5143EA, DV5144EA, DV5145EA, DV5147EA, DV5148EA, DV5149EA, DV5149EU, DV5150EA, dv5150us, DV5151EU, DV5152EU, DV5153EU, DV5154EU, DV5155EU, DV5156EA, DV5156EU, DV5157EA, DV5157EU, DV5158EA, DV5158EU, DV5159EA, DV5159EU, DV5160EA, DV5160EU, DV5161EA, DV5161EU, DV5162EA, DV5162EU, DV5163CL, DV5164EA, DV5165EA, DV5166EA, DV5167CL, DV5170US, DV5171EU, DV5173EA, DV5173EU, DV5174EU, DV5175EA, DV5176EA, DV5176EU, DV5177EA, DV5178EA, DV5178US, DV5179EA, DV5180EA, DV5184EA, DV5186EU, DV5187EU, DV5188EA, DV5189EU, DV5189XX, DV5190EA, dv5190us, DV5191EA, DV5192EA, DV5193EA, DV5194EA, DV5195EA, DV5196EA, DV5196XX, DV5197EA, DV5197XX, DV5198EA, DV5198XX, DV5199XX, DV5200 CTO, DV5200TU, DV5200TX, DV5201EU, DV5201TU, DV5201TX, DV5202EU, DV5202TU, DV5202TX, DV5203EA, DV5203TU, DV5203TX, DV5204EA, DV5204TU, DV5204TX, DV5205EA, DV5205TU, DV5205TX, DV5206EA, DV5206TU, DV5206TX, DV5207TU, DV5207TX, DV5208EA, DV5208TU, DV5208TX, DV5209EA, DV5209EU, DV5209TX, DV5210CA, DV5210EA, DV5210TX, DV5210US, DV5211EA, DV5211EU, DV5211TX, DV5212EA, DV5212TX, DV5213EU, DV5213TX, DV5214TX, DV5215CA, DV5215TX, DV5215US, DV5216CA, DV5216CL, DV5216TX, DV5217CL, DV5217TX, DV5218EA, DV5218NR, DV5218TX, DV5219TX, DV5220CA, DV5220EU, DV5220LA, DV5220TX, DV5220US, DV5221TX, DV5222EU, DV5222NR, DV5222TX, DV5223EA, dv5223om, dv5223tx, dv5224ea, DV5224EU, DV5224NR, DV5224TX, DV5225CA, DV5225EA, DV5225TX, DV5226CA, DV5226EA, DV5226EU, DV5226TX, DV5227TX, DV5228TX, DV5229OM, DV5229TX, DV5230CA, DV5230TX, DV5230US, DV5231EU, DV5231TX, DV5232EU, DV5232TX, DV5233EA, DV5233EU, DV5233TX, DV5234EA, DV5234TX, DV5234US, DV5235CA, DV5235EA, DV5235TX, DV5236EA, DV5236EU, DV5236OM, DV5236TX, DV5237CA, DV5237CL, DV5237EA, DV5237TX, DV5238EA, DV5239EA, DV5239TX, DV5240CA, DV5240EA, DV5240TX, DV5240US, DV5241EA, DV5241TX, DV5242EA, DV5243EA, DV5243EU, DV5244EA, DV5244EU, DV5245EA, DV5245EU, DV5246EU, DV5247EA, DV5247EU, DV5248EA, DV5248EU, DV5249EA, DV5250CA, DV5250EA, DV5250US, DV5251EA, DV5252EA, DV5255EA, DV5261EA, DV5264EA, DV5266EA, DV5267EA, DV5269EA, DV5270EA, DV5271EA, DV5272EA, DV5273EA, DV5274EA, DV5275EA, DV5276EA, DV5276EU, DV5277EA, DV5277EU, DV5278EA, DV5278EU, DV5279EA, DV5279EU, DV5280EA, DV5281EA, DV5282EA, DV5283EA, DV5284EA, DV5285EA, DV5286EA, DV5287EA, DV5288EA, DV5289EA, DV5292EA, DV5293EA, DV5294EA, DV5295EA, DV5296EA, DV5298EA, DV5298XX, dv5299xx, DV5300 CTO
  • ZV5000
    • ZV5000, ZV5000t, zv5000t (dl228av) cto, zv5000z (dp523av) cto, ZV5001US, ZV5007AP, ZV5008AP, ZV5016AP, ZV5019AP, ZV5030CA, ZV5030US, ZV5034US, ZV5037WM, ZV5101US, ZV5103XX, ZV5105US, ZV5120CA, ZV5120US, ZV5160CA, ZV5160US, zv5200 cto, ZV5200t, ZV5201US, ZV5201XX, ZV5202US, ZV5210CA, ZV5210US, ZV5212AP, ZV5213AP, ZV5214AP, ZV5215AP, ZV5217AP, ZV5220CA, ZV5220US, ZV5227LA, ZV5227WM, ZV5230US, ZV5235US, ZV5240CA, ZV5240US, ZV5240XX, ZV5242QV, ZV5247LA, ZV5255US, ZV5257LA, ZV5260US, ZV5267LA, ZV5270US, ZV5287LA, ZV5301AP, ZV5316US, ZV5320CA, ZV5320US, ZV5325CA, ZV5330CA, ZV5330US, ZV5340US, ZV5342QV, ZV5343US, ZV5346US, ZV5348RS, ZV5360US, ZV5369EA, ZV5370US, ZV5380US, ZV5386US, ZV5400T CTO, ZV5405US, ZV5410US, ZV5415CA, ZV5420CA, ZV5420US, ZV5430US, ZV5443RS, ZV5445US, ZV5450CA, ZV5450US, ZV5452EA, ZV5454RS, ZV5455US, ZV5456CL, ZV5460US, ZV5466CL, ZV5470EA, ZV5470US, ZV5476CL
  • ZX5000
    • ZX5000, ZX5001XX, ZX5002XX, ZX5040CA, ZX5040US, ZX5060US, ZX5065US, ZX5070US, ZX5078CL, ZX5180US, ZX5190US, ZX5200 CTO, ZX5245EA, ZX5260EA, ZX5265EA, ZX5275EA, ZX5275US, ZX5280US, ZX5295US, ZX5369CL
Your model may not be listed here because new models are constantly coming out. Call our toll free at 800-331-3224 to see if we have the Laptop Keyboard you are looking for.
We guarantee 100% compatibility with the models above.
HP Pavilion ZE2000, ZE4900, ZT3000, DV1000, DV1040, and DV5000 Series Laptop DC Car and Airplane Power Adapter
HP Pavilion ZE2000, ZE4900, ZT3000, DV1000, DV1040, and DV5000 Series Laptop DC Car and Airplane Power Adapter
Price:  $39.99
407800-001 HP Pavilion DV5000 Series Laptop LCD Inverter
407800-001 HP Pavilion DV5000 Series Laptop LCD Inverter
Original Price:  $99.99
Sale Price:  $69.99
B154EW01 HP Pavilion DV4000, DV5000, DV6000, ZT3000, ZV5000, ZV6000, ZX5000 Series 15.4
B154EW01 HP Pavilion DV4000, DV5000, DV6000, ZT3000, ZV5000, ZV6000, ZX5000 Series 15.4" WXGA (1280x800) BrightView Laptop LCD Screen
Retail Price:  $169.99
Original Price:  $159.99
Sale Price:  $129.99
403806-001 HP Pavilion DV5000 and DV8000 Series DVD RW Drive
403806-001 HP Pavilion DV5000 and DV8000 Series DVD RW Drive
Price:  $119.99
407854-001 HP Pavilion DV5000 Laptop CD-RW/DVD Drive
407854-001 HP Pavilion DV5000 Laptop CD-RW/DVD Drive
Price:  $84.99
AC-370 HP Pavilion DV2, DV3, DV4, DV5, DV6 and DV7 Series Laptop AC Adapter
AC-370 HP Pavilion DV2, DV3, DV4, DV5, DV6 and DV7 Series Laptop AC Adapter
Price:  $34.99
HSTNN-UB72 HP Pavilion DV4, DV5, DV6 and G60 Series Laptop Battery
HSTNN-UB72 HP Pavilion DV4, DV5, DV6 and G60 Series Laptop Battery
Original Price:  $79.99
Sale Price:  $69.99
B154EW01-M HP Pavilion DV4000, DV5000, DV6000, ZT3000, ZV5000, ZV6000, ZX5000 Series 15.4
B154EW01-M HP Pavilion DV4000, DV5000, DV6000, ZT3000, ZV5000, ZV6000, ZX5000 Series 15.4" WXGA (1280x800) Matte Laptop LCD Screen
Retail Price:  $169.99
Original Price:  $159.99
Sale Price:  $129.99
HSTNN-UB73 HP Pavilion DV4 and DV5 Series Extended Life Laptop Battery
HSTNN-UB73 HP Pavilion DV4 and DV5 Series Extended Life Laptop Battery
Original Price:  $89.99
Sale Price:  $74.99

We do our best to ship all orders placed before 11:00AM PST the same business day.
Orders placed after 11:00AM PST usually ship out the following business day.
Choosing Express Processing during checkout extends that time to 1:00PM PST

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